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When you discover bees, wasps, or hornets near your home or your business, immediate action is crucial. If left untreated, these insects can become a threat to both people and your property. While do-it-yourself bee, hornet, or wasp control in CT is tempting, your attempt can quickly turn into a nightmare if you make one small error. Do not put yourself or your property at risk and call the hornet, wasp, and bee removal experts today.

Connecticut Bee Removal

We are the authorities on bee removal and bee control in Connecticut. We have quickly and safely eliminated bees around many homes, schools, businesses, and municipalities across the state. To do this, we use only the best products and finest techniques to ensure a swift and efficient bee removal. And if you want to be proactive, we also offer bee prevention services, where we spray a variety of surfaces around the property with a liquid repellant that will last all season long. Our Bee Barrier repels bees, which prevents the bees from putting themselves in a position to be exterminated. We are environmentally conscience and will only exterminate bees if they are a danger to people.

Wasp Control in CT

Wasps are one of the most feared stinging insects because of their extremely painful stings. If you notice any wasps or wasp nests on your residential or commercial property, do not delay and seek out our CT wasp control services today. You can identify a wasp by its double set of wings, very little (if any) hair, pointed lower abdomen, and skinny, cylindrical legs. Our licensed and trained professionals will use only the safest methods to remove the nest and any remaining wasps to keep your home or business protected.

Hornet Extermination in Connecticut

Hornets may be one of the most dangerous stinging insects because they will literally attack you or your loved ones if they feel like they are being provoked—and they will often get the entire nest to join them in the attack. For this reason, hornet extermination in Connecticut should be done with the utmost level of caution. To identify hornets from other flying insects, look for a nest that shaped like a football and a black body with a masklike white face. It is rare to see hornets near humans, but you will find them in trees, flowers, bushes, or old wood. As soon as you think you have hornets on your property, seek out our CT hornet extermination services. We are experts at Connecticut hornet extermination and we will swiftly eliminate the problem while ensuring no one is put in harm’s way.

With nearly 40 years of experience in hornet, wasp, and bee control, and a staff of trained and experienced pest & stinging insect exterminators, you can rest easy knowing that your flying insect problem will be taken care of for good. There is no need to put your visitors, family, or property at risk when we are available to easily and safely eliminate the insects. Don’t hesitate and call the professionals at Richland Pest & Bee Control today

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