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With spring in full swing and summer upon us, we tend to see an influx of ant activity in our yards and inside our houses. Although these insects are little in nature, their affects can be daunting so we take our Connecticut ant control services very seriously.

There are over 14,000 different ant species known in the world, while 70 of them are present in the United States. However, pest control professionals in New England tend to consistently encounter only four of these species. The most common ant species we see is the Camponotus pennsylvanicus, whose parent colony calls dead moist wood home so be aware of any rotting areas & fixtures around your property. In effect, the satellite colonies of these ants are those that our CT licensed pest control professionals encounter in our clients’ homes.

Why is your home being targeted by these creatures, you ask? There are many factors that attract ants onto and into a property. These include tree holes, thick ground ivy, trees or shrubs that may have branches resting on any part of your home, leaf litter in the yard or on the roof, cracks in pavement, and excess moisture. It’s always best to keep an eye on such factors around your home, but you can always trust us for your ant control needs in CT.

Where there is one ant, there are many more, and not necessarily in that same area. It takes a detailed insect inspection to find the source of each ant issue, which could result in the discovery of dozens of sub colonies inside and outside of a house. Ants will forage to and from their colony sites in search of food, helping pest control professionals find the problem areas. Our experienced ant exterminators in Connecticut & overall knowledge are here to eliminate any annoyances and to put you at ease so you can enjoy the summer months ahead.

Did you know that certain ants, like the Argentine ant, are able to create safe pathway zones through insecticides? This is why it is so important to treat both the inside and outside of properties, as ants are crafty creatures in survival. Looking for pest control in Hartford, CT? In need of an ant exterminator in Southington, CT? We perform pest elimination throughout Connecticut & we know each species of ant must be understood in order to treat them properly and effectively. Trust Richland Pest & Bee for all your CT pest control needs so you and your family can be ant-free all summer long.

Source: “Putting Ants in the Crosshairs” by Stoy Hedges B.C.E., PCT Magazine April 2017