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Disbelief, nervousness, anxiety, fear, trepidation. These are feelings people can feel overwhelmed by when they discover they have bed bugs. The person with the bed bug problem typically needs and wants to get rid of the problem asap. That being said, there is a great amount of prep work that the client must do in preparation for the bed bug exterminator to eradicate bed bugs.

Typically the prep time may take a couple days to get ready for the bed bug extermination. If the client does not prep correctly then the treatment may be compromised. The issue, for the client, is how can you live a few more days with bed bugs until the treatment transpires? How can you just stay in the bed and continue to be a gourmet meal for these Ectoparasites? The answer is to is NOT use over the counter remedies, do not use alcohol on the bed frames, this will cause bed bugs to move in out of the way areas and make the job harder on the bed bug exterminator. Over the counter sprays do not have a high level of active ingredient that effects the insect so that can be a waste of your money. What you can do to help yourself without compromising the bed bug exterminator’s treatment is simply take a vacuum cleaner, attach a knee high hosiery to the front and suck up all the bed bugs you can find. Vacuum the mattress, behind bed boards, box springs, bed frames bed posts and baseboards in the infected room. Take the hosiery and tie it up and get rid of it! This may not guarantee you still will not get bit during the night, but it will surely help you out until your treatment.

Source: Mark Sheperdigian – PMP Magazine May 2016 page 80


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