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How to Use Dry Ice Treatment for Rat Extermination

“Rats”! It’s more than just an expression of frustration. Rats and mice are a real problem for CT residents that have to live with them in their homes or places of business. Once you notice an infestation beginning, the time to take action is now! Mice and rat control need to be addressed and acted on quickly since the problem can escalate in no time. One method that can be used for mitigating mice or rat issues is using dry ice to eradicate the rodents.

Dry Ice and Rat Extermination – How Does That Work?

The reason your rodent problem can grow so fast is that rats and mice have an extremely rapid reproduction cycle. In addition to multiplying quickly they may also carry and spread diseases – and they are very destructive, chewing everything from furniture to home foundations. Because of all the issues they cause, you need a rat pest control method that will effectively exterminate the rodents and eliminate the problem. But what treatments for rat and mice control are truly effective? In the past, poison was the steadfast method of choice, but now the dry ice technique is an additional weapon in the rat control war.

Dry Ice is essentially the frozen form of carbon dioxide. A rat exterminator will place the dry ice in a rat burrow, and as it melts the carbon dioxide emanates, expiring the rodents within minutes. As terrible as that may sound, dry ice is considered a more humane way to go about fixing the problem, and it carries fewer risks than poison to humans, pets, and the environment. It is not likely that children or pets will ingest dry ice, and since it’s non-toxic, it doesn’t put potentially harmful pesticides out into the environment.

Dry ice is a safe alternative for outdoor rat control and an effective way to remedy your situation, but it is not considered a silver bullet. If you have a rodent issue, any rat exterminator can tell you how evasive these pests can be – they sure have been known to escape from traps a time or two! A series of dry ice applications may be needed to rid yourself of the problem completely.

Let Us Help You Win the Rat War

The rat population is on the rise, so if you feel you have a rat problem, you probably aren’t the only one. Contributing factors to the surge in the rat population include an increase in the human population (which inevitably means more trash) and milder winters (which means fewer mice and rats die from the cold temperatures).

If the rising rat population has affected you or your business and you find yourself in need of a rat exterminator, Richland Pest & Bee Control is here to help. We are a family owned company that has served residential and business clients in CT since 1974. We care about your health and safety, and you can count on us to provide you with expert and licensed extermination services. For more information and a free pest control estimate, contact us today.