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The German cockroach is the most common of its species to invade your home or workplace. Treating and avoiding cockroaches is imperative due to the fact that they generate allergens that cause indoor allergies and asthma, plus they have the ability to spread 33 different diseases. For the health and sanitation of your Connecticut home, here are some ways to stay informed on the lifestyle of the German cockroach, and how you can keep them from knocking on your door.

Sanitation, especially in food establishments, is the first step to preventing cockroaches from moving in. It is essentially its own form of insect control!

German cockroaches can reproduce hundreds of thousands of offspring in just a year. This may be a scary fact, but that is why continuous, monitored service is essential in controlling them. The female also likes to stay hidden away while she protects her egg cases. Did you know these eggs cases are resistant to insecticides? Deep treatment into cracks and crevices, including follow-up treatment from an insect control company will help get rid of the newly hatched cockroaches to prevent a growing population.

These insects thrive in high heat and humidity. If you’re looking for sources of the infestation, check around heat-generating equipment and appliances in your home. Don’t forget around pipes and under the sink too!

The majority of the cockroaches in your home will be hidden between cracks and crevices, so a thorough inspection for the source by an insect control company is necessary. A helpful clue to find these sites is that they tend to stay in large groups and leave brownish “spotting” behind.

German cockroaches are drifters. They will move from place to place, especially if they detect insecticides, which they have the ability to do! This is why it is so important to treat every hidden area that they travel to, so they have no safe haven to escape to.

As you can see, cockroaches have adapted to their surroundings in order to survive. That is why pest control companies today must keep specific records of activity, schedule follow-up appointments, and thoroughly treat all susceptible areas in order to tackle the issue. To keep up with increasing German cockroach infestations, insect control has become more innovative while continuing to implement the old tricks that are tried and true. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and hold your pest control company accountable for doing the best work to keep your home cockroach-free!

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