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Is Your Commercial Dumpster Clean?

Wait, what? It turns out, dumpsters are major magnets for pests in commercial food-serving establishments, but for different reasons than you may think. Of course, there is plenty of food available in a dumpster for a rat to have a heyday, but that is not the only draw.

Why Rodents Love Dumpsters

Besides the scent of food molecules leading all sorts of rodents to dumpsters everywhere, the fact that most dumpsters are located in dark, isolated areas is very appealing for the easily startled rodent. Many of our own trash habits create an even more alluring environment for pests, too. For example, heavy garbage bags often get dragged out, leaving a trail of liquid goodness for the nearest mouse.

How to Prevent Rodents

Luckily, there are many things you can do to provide your own rodent control, and most of them are quite simple:

  • Place Trash into the Dumpster– Throwing, as opposed to placing, a bag of trash into a dumpster leads to even more of an unnecessary mess. Instead, put it into the dumpster carefully to prevent spillage and/or breakage.
  • Close the Lid– Leaving the rain lid open is also an open invitation for your neighborhood pests to make your dumpster area their home, so make sure you don’t forget to close it. This alone will keep out most rodents.
  • Install the Dumpster on Cement – Dumpsters should be installed on cement pads, not the bare ground, so that rodents are not attracted to the moist, wet ground. Similarly, vegetation directly around dumpsters should be kept to a minimum.
  • Clean the Dumpster Regularly – Last, but not least (but definitely the least desirable), the dumpster itself should be cleaned regularly of any grease, food films, or spills. Your dumpster may be the destination for everything dirty, but it should be kept in clean condition. Otherwise, pests will eventually make their way from your dumpster to your door.

The steps to prevent rodents are simple enough, and it is important to educate employees on proper trash techniques to avoid pest problems at any commercial food establishment.

Why Professional Rodent Control in Connecticut?

If you have discovered that there are rodents in your commercial dumpster, then calling a professional rodent exterminator should be your first step. Rodents are not only bothersome, they can be harmful and carry diseases, so eliminating them from your property should be a top priority.

While the above steps can help prevent an infestation, it is going to require the assistance of a professional to eliminate the rodents. At Richland Pest & Bee Control, we have the knowhow and experience necessary to swiftly exterminate all of the rodents on your property. We can also set up our own preventative measures to keep your property rodent free. And since our rodent control services include a guarantee, you never have to worry about them coming back.

As a commercial food establishment, you can’t afford to have a rodent infestation. You are putting your employees, customers, and reputation at risk, and immediate action is vital. For the best professional rodent control in CT, contact us now.

Source: Rodent Magnet: Pests, Dumpsters and the Nearest Door by Bobby Corrigan, PhD PCT Magazine November 2017