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Some approaches for tick prevention at home include maintaining and modifying your yard and garden to reduce the livable area of the tick’s habitat. 

Take a look at the 5 simple tasks below to take the first steps towards reducing your backyard tick population.

Mow the Lawn – Keep your lawn mowed to reduce the area that ticks could potentially take up residence.

Remove Decomposing Leaves – Most ticks require moisture and cover in order to survive the hot summers. Ticks can dehydrate easily, so removing any debris and ground vegetation surrounding your yard can reduce their chances of survival.

Lawnmower cutting grass

Create a Barrier – Creating a perimeter between the woods and your yard can help to reduce the number of ticks found in your yard. Studies have shown that using woodchips along the edge of your yard can reduce the number of ticks moving into the yard by up to 50%.

Move to the Center of the Yard – Outdoor living spaces such as playsets and fire pits should be moved closer to the center of the yard away from wooded areas to avoid spending too much time in tick prone areas.

Remove Troublesome Invasive Plants – Invasive plants, plants that are not native to your area, provide more undergrowth in wooded areas for ticks to inhabit than native plants do. By removing invasive plants you can eliminate an ideal climate for ticks.

These simple tips can help reduce exposure to ticks, and in turn, tick-borne illnesses. Keep your family safe this summer!

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