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How Quickly Can Mice Reproduce?

Mice are commonly found in Connecticut, that is no secret. In fact, we have several species of mice, including the meadow mouse, the white-footed mouse, deer mouse, and the house mouse. However, you may not be aware just how quickly mice can reproduce. That’s why mouse control is so important. Take a look at the rapid reproduction cycle of mice, learn why you don’t want mice in your home, and discover why Richland Pest & Bee Control is the top mice exterminator in Connecticut.

The Insane Reproduction Cycle of Mice

You probably know that mice reproduce rapidly, but you probably didn’t realize just how quickly they can multiply. As reported by AFRMA, mice can become pregnant when they are six weeks old. After about three weeks (19-21 days), they will have babies. The litters can range from 3-14 babies, with the average being seven. Then, the female can become pregnant again right away. And since her new babies can now become pregnant in six weeks, the mice just continue to multiply. What’s more, one female can have between five and ten litters each year, and there is no off-season.

When you start doing the math, it’s easy to see how a mouse infestation can get out of control so quickly. If you keep the cycle going, at 12 weeks there will be 18 mice, at 18 weeks there will be 66 mice, and at 27 weeks there will be over 500 mice! By the time the year has gone by, you will have over 130,000 mice. To make it even more frightening, mice are nocturnal creatures, so you probably won’t even notice their company until their reproduction cycle has occurred a few times.

Why You Want the Mice Gone

Not only are mice a nuisance, they can also be dangerous. Many mice carry diseases, which can be spread through their droppings. If the droppings end up near your food, you and your family could get sick. Additionally, mice like to chew on things, including the foundation of your home. So you definitely don’t want them making your walls a long-term residence.

A Professional CT Mice Exterminator Is Critical

As soon as you first see a mouse, or its droppings, it is imperative that you contact Richland Pest & Bee control immediately. Like we said, chances are, there are many of them living in your home, and the longer you wait, the more there will be. With our professional mouse control services, we will eliminate the current infestation and prevent a new one from occurring. Don’t take any chances and contact our professional mice exterminators today.