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Are There More Mice Infestations in Winter?

Do you like to stay warm and cozy when it’s cold outside? You are not alone. The mice in Connecticut are also seeking the heat and shelter that your home provides. Not only that, but they are hungry. In the winter, it is not as easy to find food outside, so they find themselves indoors in the hunt for food. So it makes sense why mice infestations increase tenfold once the weather turns cold.

How Do Mice Get into My Home?

You may think your home is ironclad; that there is no way you would have a mice infestation. But you would be mistaken. Many homes in Connecticut have a few mice living in them, or at least coming in and out, especially in the wintertime. So how do they get in? Mice are quite crafty. They can make themselves as small as a pencil eraser to sneak into the tiniest holes. This includes cracks in your crawl space or foundation, crevices in your siding, and any other damage they can find. Additionally, mice are very strong swimmers and they can reach your home through the sewer lines or drain pipes.

How Do I Know If I Have Mice?

If you haven’t actually seen the mice in your home, you may think you don’t have any, but mice leave behind many clues that they are around. Some things you will want to look out for are their droppings, which are black or dark brown, or evidence of them chewing on the furniture or doors. You may notice your dry goods and packaged foods (especially grains) are damaged. You can also inspect dusty areas, like along the walls or on baseboards, for any sign of tail tracks or footprints. Finally, wait until nighttime, turn off all the lights, and just listen. Chances are you will hear slight movement, squeaks, or other unexplained noises coming from behind the walls.

How Do I Get Rid of Mice in the Winter?

Mice are much more than a nuisance: They can cause extensive damage to your home and furniture, and they can transmit potentially fatal illnesses, such as salmonella. Add that to the fact that mice reproduce insanely fast (their reproduction cycle is only three weeks, and the average mouse will have about seven babies per litter), and you have a tremendous problem on your hands.

Calling a CT mice exterminator the second you suspect a mice infestation is critical. We are experts at effectively eliminating any types of mice in your home and we will take measures to keep your home rodent free long after we leave.