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Mouse Exterminator – Connecticut Rodent Control Programs

In September the leaves start to turn and the weather gets a bit crisper in the morning. This means calls for rodent or mouse exterminators in Connecticut are going to pick up.   Rodent control treatments or programs are not all universal. A good program requires strategy, attention to detail, evaluation and more than one visit. Each rodent issue is unique in its own way. For example, one rodent problem could be caused by having plenty of food for the rodents with ease of access to the food. Another’s issue could stem from being too close to a water source thus making a great home for the rodents.

Regardless, every issue is different which could result in a different course of action taken by the mouse exterminator. What may work for your personal home in Cheshire, Connecticut may not work for your restaurant in Southington or even your family member’s home in Tolland. The mouse exterminator may have to tailor the rodent control program to meet your personal specific needs and find the source of the problem and possibly treat unique areas. One thing all programs should include is an exclusion inspection which is finding how the rodents are getting in and blocking those entrance points. Make sure your Connecticut mouse exterminator is tailoring your program to your specific needs and they have a plan in place to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment.

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