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A Parisian Rat Invasion

Paris, France, experienced its worst flooding in a century this past January and has suffered the consequences. Besides cosmetic changes and general safety hazards, the city is dealing with several unusual matters as well. Museums throughout the cities have temporarily shut down, and the Louvre has even been forced to empty their cellars of artwork for the first time since WWII. The busy commuter line has been halted, and shops and homes are dealing with the devastating effects of the rising muddy waters.

You might not have thought that another side effect of these floods is the influx of rats in city streets. After escaping the riverbanks of the Seine, which are completely submerged in water, the rats have been scavenging all over the city, usually finding food in trash bins on the street. Restaurants have been advised not to put their trash outside in the street bins while the problem continues.

It turns out there has been an influx of rats on the banks of the Seine for the past year, and the rats are now becoming more aggressive, so much so that they have jumped at people. The rat population in Paris doubles that of the 2.2 million people in the city, and half of them are immune to poison. Even more alarming is the fact that the rats carry more parasites than previously thought, seven of which could be harmful to people.

The situation in Paris is like something out of a movie, and chances are the city never thought it could happen to them. While Connecticut may not be dealing with record floods and a rat invasion currently, that doesn’t mean what is happening in Paris can’t happen to us. Being located by the water comes with an inherent risk of flooding, and Connecticut definitely has its share of rats that could all come out to find food if their homes are compromised.

The good news is that there is something we can do about it now. By taking a proactive approach to rat control, you can help protect your home and your family in the case of a rat infestation. Even if flooding and a subsequent infestation doesn’t occur, you still don’t want even one rat in your home. Rats are a serious threat, and since they are likely to carry parasites and other diseases, you definitely don’t want them anywhere near your family.

At Richland Pest & Bee Control, we provide both reactive and proactive rat control. If you think you already have rats in your home, we can locate them and eliminate them quickly. And if you just want to be prepared should any flooding occur, we can do that too. To learn more about our rat control options, contact us now.

Source: “Rats invade Notre Dame after River Seine floods Paris” by Zoe Drewett, Metro News