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Pharaoh Ant Extermination – Pick Your Poison

Pharaoh ants may not look the part but an infestation of them can be a nightmare for any pest control exterminator. Pharaoh Ants are small yellow ants about 2mm long that are present nearly all over the world including Connecticut and the northeast. Pharaoh ants live all over especially in structures where they use the heat to survive the cold months. Along with inside of your home they may also dwell in lawns or gardens outside. Pharaoh ants start new colonies by “budding” where the queens break off and make satellite nests off of the main colony once it becomes too crowded. With such a small size these colonies are often overlooked until they are well established. Given this ability to spread out and make new nests pest control exterminators must be very careful, precise, and use the correct materials to properly treat a Pharaoh ant infestation.

Treating for a Pharaoh ant infestation differs from treating a carpenter ant infestation. While using a liquid application for carpenter ants will work wonders you have to take a different approach with the pharaoh ants. Spraying for pharaoh ants will most likely induce budding in order to get away from the chemicals, while you may think you are fixing the problem spraying an over the counter chemical you are more than likely actually worsening your problem spreading these pharaoh ants throughout your structure. A baiting approach is the correct way to go about getting rid of your ant infestation as quickly as possible without further spreading the colony.

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Source: “Choose weapons wisely when fighting Pharaoh Ants” Dr. Jim Fredericks in PMP magazine