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Planet Earth: Paradise for Mice

As the world continues to advance, build, and grow, so do the homes and habits of mice. Unfortunately, these critters have always found ways to stick around, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. As a result of massive buildings, sprawling sewer systems, pets, and food manufacturing means, mice have found our world quite desirable. Quite frankly, our houses and places of businesses are paradise for mice. Ironically, we are both the cause and the solution of the mouse population and the pest problems that they ultimately create.

We all know there are many different approaches in battling a mouse problem, but calling your local professional mouse exterminator is always best practice. The techniques have changed slightly over time as the actual biology of the mouse has stayed relatively constant. For instance, glue boards have been used for decades. Did you know that homemade glue boards were made by pest control professionals by spreading buckets of glue onto cut-out pieces of cardboard? Thankfully, production methods have come a long way since then and pest control companies like Richland Pest & Bee of CT have adapted to new times.

Although there may be many approaches to take care of your pest issue, proper mouse control services are more than likely necessary. Exterminating mice can be tricky so removing pests will depend on a number of factors, including the severity, location, and accessibility just to name a few. One stray mouse may cause a greater commotion than a whole family, especially if it has learned to dodge your typical trapping patterns. Some mouse calls require multiple methods to handle the population. Glue boards, traps, tracking powder, exclusion tactics, and bait boxes; all, one, or a unique combination may be needed to eradicate these pests. It all comes down to strategy and determining the “what, why, and how.” In answering those key questions, Connecticut pest control professionals such as Richland Pest & Bee are able to tailor a treatment best suited to each and every job’s needs.

Source: “A Better Mouse Trap” by Scott McNeely in December 2016 issue of Pest Control Technology