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When you are traveling, it is easier than you may think to pick up bed bugs. The small creatures are masters at not being found, so don’t feel bad if you discover an infestation after you have been in a hotel room. However, even if you vacate the hotel room as soon as you notice the bed bugs, and you don’t think any had a chance to climb into your luggage, you need to use extreme caution when you get home to prevent bed bugs from taking up shelter in your Connecticut home. Even if you didn’t see bed bugs on your travels, it doesn’t hurt to take extra precautions once you get home.

Unpack in the Laundry Room

As soon as you get home, put your luggage down in the laundry room, or another area away from beds or upholstered items. The garage or foyer will also suffice. If you think you might have had any contact with bed bugs, it is best to play it safe and not let anything into your home until you have inspected it.

Launder Items Immediately

As you unpack your suitcase, survey each item of clothing under a bright light to check for bed bugs. Then, place everything right into the washing machine just in case you missed some. Luckily, bed bugs and their eggs will die in high heat, so keep the water above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, dry the clothing on medium or high heat for at least 30 minutes. If you have items that cannot be washed in the machine, you can go straight to the dryer at a high temp for 30 minutes to kill off anything that might be there.

Use Sealed Plastic Bags for Non-washable Items

If there are items that cannot be washed or dried, you should place them in a sealed plastic bag. According to the EPA, it can take up to a year for bed bugs to be eliminated this way, so use your discretion if it is better to just discard the item once it is sealed.

Inspect the Luggage

After your luggage has been unpacked, it is time to complete a thorough inspection of it. Bed bugs like to hide in pockets, seams, and folds, so inspect everywhere with a flashlight. It is also a good idea to vacuum the suitcase as a precaution.

CT Bed Bug Extermination from the Experts

If you end up in contact with any bed bugs during your travels, the absolute best course of action is to seek out professional bed bug extermination in Connecticut. We can treat your entire home, including your luggage, to ensure there are no bed bugs left standing. To learn more about our emergency CT bed bug extermination services, contact us now.

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