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How Quality Is Your Pro-fessional Exterminator?

QualityPro was created by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) in 2004 to set a standard in the pest control industry for good business practices and standards. Allison Taisey, QualityPro’s certification program manager explains “It’s a national credential a small company can earn to prove they’re as professional as the national firms.”

QualityPro does a great job offering resources for training employees, how employees should comport themselves in the field and in the work place, and hiring standards for firms when it comes to bringing employees on board. QualityPro essentially makes sure the pest control company that enters your home is professional and able to perform the job correctly. They can help weed out the fly by night companies that you do not want in your home. Taisey says “Finding, hiring, training and retaining great employees is the No. 1 challenge I hear about from NPMA members, and the majority of QualityPro standards are directly related to these type of human resources fundamentals.”

The program guidelines that QualityPro created set a standard of how to be a pest control professional. As Taisey explains,

Procurement professionals are looking for ways to identify the best companies and services, and they are finding that QualityPro certification really is the mark of excellence in pest management.”

It is no wonder that QualityPro certified exterminator companies in Connecticut account for 81 percent of the revenues generated in the pest control industry while only less than 3 percent of all pest control companies in the US are QualityPro certified. This shows that QualityPro’s pest control companies are good quality firms that can be trusted. Ask if your pest control professional is with QualityPro before you book with them. Contact Richland Pest & Bee Control for QualityPro pest control in Connecticut today.