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Were they always here? How can we stop them from spreading? What keeps them out of our homes? Why are they invading our clean neighborhoods? There are many questions rising from the West Hartford homeowners who are experiencing a rise in rodent activity in their suburban neighborhoods. Rats may be known best for their escapades in the city, but they have been pushing their limits further as their food and water sources become disrupted. 

We identified a growing rodent problem in the state several years ago, and we were even featured on News Channel 3 in 2019 addressing the rise in rodent calls in Hartford. We first noticed the increase due to an uptick in rodent service calls over the last three years. There are a number of reasons they have decided to show up in your backyard now. A disturbance in their habitat will cause them to seek new areas, so ongoing construction projects around town are one of the factors contributing to the displacement of rodents. They are looking for food sources, water sources and shelter, so any vacant properties in the area can also be a factor. 

It’s important to follow the guidelines below to help minimize the spread of rodents throughout the community:

  • Keep all trash receptacles covered with tight-fitting lids and do not allow trash to overflow.
  • Watch out for activity in compost piles and food gardens.
  • Limit bird baths and other unnecessary water sources that rodents can easily obtain on your property.
  • Avoid feeding wild creatures/animals. It is recommended to suspend or limit feeding of wild creatures such as birds and squirrels. Rats and rodents will see these as viable food options.
  • Limit food accessible to the rodents in any capacity.
  • Block out entry points rodents can fit through. Exclusion is a viable and natural tactic to prevent rodent entry.
  • Natural repellents and deterrents can be used.
  • Please do not use over-the-counter rodenticides. These are easily misused and can create unsafe environments. If you cannot use natural methods, please contact a professional.
  • Clean grills or anything used to prepare/cook food outdoors frequently.
  • Clean up promptly after parties, barbecues, or eating outside.

In addition to source reduction, we can provide a rodent repellent program to mitigate the spread of the rodents and help keep them out of your homes. Throughout the program, we would repeatedly spray an all-natural green repellent around the perimeter of your home. If necessary, we can provide bait treatments indoors. Outdoor baiting is usually not required. We can also provide an estimate for rodent-proofing the exterior of your home through our Rodent Exclusion Program

Contact us for more information regarding our rodent treatment programs, and ask about our West Hartford Neighbors discount! Contact us online or call us at 1-800-308-9126. 


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