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Safe Travels: Know These Unexpected Bed Bug Hiding Spots

Most people are aware that bed bugs tend to take up residence in mattresses, bed frames and other resting areas. However, these pests are frequent travelers and there are several other areas inside the home that they could be hiding. They also hitchhike to areas outside the home which is how many are frequently spread from one infestation to another. Check out our list of unusual hiding places that bed bugs may be hiding, and make sure to follow the tips below to avoid transporting these unwanted travelers to your own home. 

Plush Toys

Young children commonly carry stuffed animals or plush toys along with them everywhere they go. These fluffy friends provide a perfect hiding spot for tiny bed bugs to climb into the fur and hide away. You can help eliminate any bugs and eggs by washing the plush toys in hot water and drying them on high heat in the dryer. 

Public Transportation

Public transport, including school buses, can be a hot bed for bed bug activity. They can remain inactive while hiding in the upholstery of the seating or cracks and crevices along the walls and windows. Then when travelers ride buses, trains, cabs and other forms of transport, the bed bugs can hop onto they luggage and clothing for a ride to their new home. Make sure to check clothing and backpacks after traveling on public transportation, and wash and dry on hot cycles to help eliminate any pests. 


In addition to traveling via public transportation, bed bugs can also make their way onto airplanes and travel cross country. They can be found hiding in carpets, seats and air vents, which is why it is very important to inspect your clothing and luggage for signs of these little pests as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Flourescent Lights

Bed bugs like to hide in small dark places. This means that most people would not think to check inside cracks and crevices of fluorescent lights when inspecting for bed bugs. Always use caution when inspecting around electricity. 

Handbags & Backpacks

When handbags, backpacks or suitcases are placed on the ground in public areas, bed bugs are given the opportunity to jump aboard. This is especially true if they are placed near or on a bed or other furniture. They can hide away in pockets and seams of these bags and make their way to a new location while going unnoticed. 

If you find evidence of bed bugs in your clothing, luggage, or anywhere else in your home, contact Richland Pest and Bee Control right away. We can inspect your space and provide treatment to eliminate these unwanted pests. Treatment should be performed by a professional and preparation for treatment should be taken seriously in order to efficiently rid your home of bed bugs. 

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