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In September all of the bee and wasp hives are in full force and at an extremely high population. The majority of “bee” removal calls that come in to exterminators in Connecticut are actually to remove wasps. Wasps do not pollinate, they are scavengers and are very aggressive. Naturally, they conflict with humans and pets once they have invaded your home.

Self-Treating for Wasps

Many people will attempt their own form of wasp removal with Raid or Hot Shot type of wasp or bee “killer.” The problem with the do it your self-ers is that right now the population of the nests is simply too large to kill the entire population on a regular basis. The active ingredient that kills the wasps is Pyrethrin. However, typically, only .02% of the product you can buy at the store yourself is actually Pyrethrin. This is very minimal and simply does not work that well because of the low dosage. This is why people get hurt and can end up in the hospital. It is much safer to call an exterminator to remove wasps or bees for you. In a typical can of pesticide a pest control professional would use, .50% of it is Pyrethrin. An exterminator’s pesticide has about 25 times the amount of killing power as over the counter products. This is why you should always call a professional exterminator when dealing with stinging insects.

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