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For Stinging Insects, An Endless Summer

As summer winds to an end, and the temperatures start to cool, you may think that your issues with stinging insects will be coming to an end for the year. However, late summer into early fall is when these populations are at their highest. After spending the entire summer reproducing, they are now in a frenzied search for food in preparation for winter. This is when nests and hives are at their largest as well. From softball sized at the beginning of summer to basketball size and larger at the end, it is imperative to call a pest professional to deal with these dangerous insects, especially those that are provoked even if you come within a few feet of their home, like the bald-faced hornet.

At this time of year, populations can grow to tens of thousands of wasps in a single nest. In 2006, a farmer in Alabama came to realize an entire car in his barn had become encased in a yellowjacket’s nest. In this case, multiple queens were harboring together in that single nest, posing even more of a threat to intruders. Did you know that at least half a million people go to the emergency room as a result of encounters with stinging insects? As you start to turn off your A/C and open those windows, make sure your screens do not have holes, do not leave food outside uncovered, and keep those trashcan lids tightly closed to help keep those wandering wasps from keeping you company.

Source: multiple articles