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You know all about carpenter ants and sugar ants, but chances are you haven’t heard about Super Ants until now. This new species of ants was recently discovered in the rainforests of Malaysia, Thailand, and Borneo, and it is easily one of the most intriguing discoveries we have ever read about.

About Colobopsis Explodens

The Colobopsis explodens is a new species of ants that were just discovered by entomologists in the rainforests in Indonesia. They received their scientific name because the lowest-ranked ants in the colony quite literally, self-explode. If they sense an enemy (in the form of another insect) approaching, the ant will sacrifice themselves and tear apart their body. In doing so, they will release a sticky, toxic liquid out of their swollen glands. This substance has the power to either kill the enemy or send it running.

However, it is only the minor workers in the colony that have this self-sacrificing, heroic ability, hence earning them the name Super Ants. That being said, all of the ants in this species are quite interesting. The major workers have naturally large, plug-shaped heads that they use to block the nest entrances in the case of intruders.

History of Super Ants

While the Colobopsis explodens is just now making headlines, the history of this species of ants can be traced all the way back to 1916, where it was included in the Colobopsis cylindrica species. Until the ant was rediscovered in 2014 and aptly renamed and reclassified to reflect their unique abilities, the last known record of them was 1935 – so it was presumed the species no longer existed.

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