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How to Tackle the Rising Rodent Populations in New England

The last few years have consisted of mild winters, and there’s a downside to that; they have extended the mouse mating season, leading to an explosion of mice in some areas of the country. A female mouse can have over ten litters in a year. Each litter usually has five or six mice which will mature in as little as six weeks. With longer warm seasons, mice are reproducing at a higher rate than usual.

Trouble in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, one of Connecticut’s nearby neighbors, is experiencing a rise in mouse populations. A local pest control company in Allegheny County has received three times the number of calls typical for residential rodent infestation. However, the rodent control company is not just busy at people’s homes.

Local businesses are also seeing signs of an increased mouse presence. Inspectors have found mouse droppings on plates and dishes, on shelves, in customer seating areas, on food preparation surfaces, and one specialty store even had mouse feces inside a popcorn popper. Pest control is seeing an increase in service calls to deal with outbreaks in the area.

Increasing Rodent Populations in New York

Pennsylvania is not the only state that is grappling with an increase in rodent population; New York is also experiencing an exponential increase in the number of mouse and rat sightings. One study found that the rat population in New York City grew by 10% between 2016 and 2017, leading to unsanitary living conditions and other nuisances for individuals living in all five boroughs.

Communities in upstate New York are also reporting an increase in service calls. Of particular concern is the Norway rat, a large, opportunistic, and invasive species that is highly social and will take shelter just about anywhere.

A Nuisance in Connecticut

A string of relatively mild winters is responsible for an increase in the state mouse population in Connecticut. White-footed mice, the state’s most prolific rodent, are multiplying thanks to warmer temperatures. They can fit into the tiniest of spaces and wreak havoc in local homes by chewing through wires, spreading droppings in home materials, and creating nests in personal belongings. To weather through the winter, white-footed mice have even been known to take refuge under the hoods of cars, chewing through car components as they do so.

Mouse-Borne Diseases

The problem with mice is not only that they help themselves to your food supplies, but they also carry diseases that they can pass on to humans, often through their feces and urine. Mice carry three primary diseases:

  1. Hantavirus– This viral disease does not make its host animal sick and is not transmitted from human to human. But the feces and urine of mice, especially deer mice, can contaminate human food and water. Even the dust from mice nests can make you ill, and Hantavirus can be fatal.
  2. Salmonella– Salmonella is a bacterial infection that can be acquired when mice and rats contaminate food or areas where food is prepared.
  3. Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCMV)– Exposure to the urine, feces, or saliva of rodents can transmit this viral disease. It can cause grave neurological problems, mostly involving inflammation of the brain or spinal tissue.

In addition to carrying diseases, mice also carry ticks, mites, and fleas that carry other diseases. Lyme Disease, Colorado Tick Fever, Babesiosis, and Rickettsia pox are all transmitted by the bugs that mice carry with them.

Richland Pest & Bee Control

Keep a lookout for rodents infesting your area. Sweep up crumbs and store your food in tightly sealed containers. If you do find signs of mice in your home or business, there are experts available to solve the problem.

Richland Pest & Bee Control is a mouse control, rat control, and general rodent control company serving Connecticut. We specialize in getting rid of the rodents that find their way into your home, eat your food, and threaten to infect you and your family.

Not sure if you have mice? We are happy to help you identify any rodent problems you may have. Sometimes it’s nice just to have that peace of mind knowing your house is clear. Contact us today and get a free estimate on rodent control.

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