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The Super Bowl of Pest Control: Sports Stadium Pest Control

Have you ever wondered what it takes to provide pest control service at a professional sports stadium? With the Super Bowl upon us, it is an interesting thought to ponder. All of that space, all of those people, and all of those food crumbs and spilled drinks…sports arenas and large event venues are the perfect environment for pests, multiple insects and rodents to thrive in. There can be rat infestations in stadiums, bee hives at arenas and so forth. With that being said, performing pest control for sports arenas and taking on these major accounts involves a lot more than just pests.

One might imagine that providing pest management for a professional stadium is an account that will bring in big bucks. Think again. While all contracts are different, the typical arena deal consists of a 4-to-1 spend vs. earn ratio for the pest control provider. You may say, “That’s a waste of time.” Well, not exactly. The big opportunity for pest control companies in sports lies in the visibility, advertising and sponsorship opportunities within the stadium. Most contracts consist of a trade of advertising for services, not hard cash. On top of that, many companies decide to buy sponsorships, which equals season tickets, which equals future commercial business opportunities.

Arena pest control contracts are certainly not for everyone. Since taking on a massive workload can mean hundreds of service tickets in a single month, a company must decide if that effort is worth the exposure. Add in the fact that there is practically zero room for error, paperwork and reporting must also be spot on.

For some pest control companies, this is a dream come true. The pride of serving a local team is enough in itself. For others, the chance to entertain possible business prospects with season tickets is a big draw. Bring that pizza chain owner to the next game, and bam! You just solidified a deal to service their 50 locations for pest control! The big question is will all the work be worth it? Is the spend vs. earn ratio a minor detail in an effort to build your business commercially and hopefully build a long-term relationship? Pests at sports venues can certainly be a nuisance so although pest control at stadiums can be a tricky equation, it is definitely a fun one to consider.


SOURCE: “Got Game?” by Kristen Hampshire Pest Control Technology Magazine Nov 2016 issue