Exclusion: The Best Method of Keeping Pests Out of Your Home

Do you struggle with rodents infiltrating your home year after year? Rodent problems are more than just a nuisance – they are a health and safety risk too. Over time, many homes and buildings develop cracks, holes, crevices, and other entry points that allow rodents inside. Sometimes, these access areas are so small and unassuming that you might not even know they are there – and that they are contributing to your pest problems!

What is Exclusion?

Exclusion is the process of finding and eliminating openings for rodents to enter through. It is the future of rodent control with a focus on environmentally sound prevention methods that reduce the need for baits or traps.

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How Does It Work?

During an exclusion inspection, exterminators from Richland Pest and Bee Control will inspect the lower exterior perimeter of your home or structure to identify as many probable entry points as they can. Once the entry points have been identified, our professionals will determine the best method of securing the area and preventing rodents from getting in. 

Eliminating openings can mean stuffing steel wool into small holes in a residential home, or be a more labor-intensive install of custom-bent metal rodent guards along the entire exterior edge of the siding. It is imperative that a complete inspection is done on the property to ensure the success of the exclusion. 

Once the inspection is complete, we will provide you with a customized report outlining our recommendations. We will also evaluate what is located around your property that may be attracting pests, such as mulch, food, water, trash compost, etc., and include recommendations for solutions that may benefit your overall rodent program. 

Before & After of concrete application to entry point.

Entry points for a structure may include (but are not limited to):

  • Foundations
  • Siding
  • Soffit
  • Doors
  • Eaves
  • Porches/Deck areas
  • AC/Pipe Chases
  • Any Opening or Gap the Size of a Dime or Bigger
  • Many more!

Methods of exclusion might include a combination of the following:

  • Screening
  • Use of Copper Mesh or Steel Wool
  • Caulking or Sealing Gaps
  • Use of Metals
  • Carpentry Recommendations
  • Masonry Work
  • Any and All Viable Methods Based off of the Particular Situation

Why Is It Better?

Exclusion offers a more permanent solution for rodent problems, including mice, rats, squirrels, and chipmunks. Blocking out rodents is the first line of defense against infestations. 

  • Reduces Expenses – By eliminating infestations before they even happen, you will ultimately save money by reducing the need for future pest control services. 
  • Natural Prevention – By preventing rodents from entering your home you will limit the need for extermination and reduce the number of chemical products used in your neighborhood.  
  • Long-Lasting Solution – As long as the process is completed by an expert who is thorough, rodent exclusion has a very high success rate.

Exclusion Procedure

Exclusion packages are tailored to your property’s specific needs. If you have a current rodent infestation, we will begin with reactive treatments before taking any proactive measures.

This is because mice nest inside the structure, therefore, it is necessary to remove the current infestation before using preventative methods such as exclusion or repellents. Once the infestation is removed it is best practice to implement exclusion and or repellent tactics right away to prevent future infestations from becoming established in the structure.

Since rats tend to burrow outside of structures, unlike mice, it is reasonable to execute exclusion and repellent strategies early in the treatment program or as the basis of your rat control program.

Before completing your service, Richland will perform a thorough exclusion inspection and will go over what we do, why we do it, and what to expect. We know it is important to protect your property and family – which is why we will always be thorough and transparent.

Service Follow-Up

At Richland Pest & Bee Control, we have the expertise and know-how required to perform the level of thoroughness needed for a successful pest exclusion. Our pest control experts will survey every inch of your property to ensure that any access point is sealed to keep your home or facility pest free all year round. By being proactive in your pest control efforts, you can save money, help the environment, reduce hassles, and keep your family/employees safe. To learn more about our pest exclusion services, contact us now

For customers who opted to hire Richland to remove any pre-existing rodent populations prior to performing a rodent exclusion, we offer a 1-year warranty on the specific areas we treated for exclusion. We want to make sure that we leave you with peace of mind knowing that we have your back if any activity should persist.

If there is any new activity within a year after your exclusion treatment, we will happily come back to re-inspect the property and determine if any additional entry points at a higher level need to be sealed off. At that time we can provide a quote free of charge for any entry points that would require a ladder.

Please note* Most situations will be resolved by sealing ground-level entry points. Therefore, higher level entry points are not included in our initial service or warranty. This allows us to keep costs affordable for our customers and provide the most efficient treatment without adding unnecessary services. 

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