Exterminate Bed Bugs and Mice in Fairfield, Connecticut

If you are in search of a highly successful exterminator in Fairfield, CT that will keep the unwanted pests away, then you have come to the right place. At Richland Pest & Bee Control, our licensed technicians will swiftly and effectively rid your home or business of any creature you are battling. We take pride in our dependable extermination and pest control services in Fairfield, Connecticut, and we promise to exceed your expectations.

From Bed Bug Extermination to Mouse Control, We Do It All

While we can effectively provide extermination services for a variety of creatures, including spiders, termites, cockroaches, fleas, etc., it is bed bugs and mice that we face most often with Fairfield, CT residents:

  • Bed bugs can be found in Fairfield, Connecticut, as they can easily be transported via suitcases and clothes when traveling, and they don’t discriminate. Any one can have a bed bug infestation, and when you do, you can count on the exterminators at Richland Pest & Bee Control to eliminate them for you.
  • Mice can inhabit your Fairfield home any time of year, but they are especially prevalent in the winter months. As we mentioned in our Fox News interview, mice come indoors in search of food and warmth, and they can fit in surprisingly small crevices in your home. When it comes to mice, swift pest control is vital, as they have an insanely quick reproduction cycle and the last thing you want is for your home to be overcome with them.

Why Hire a Professional Exterminator?

While there is a plethora of over-the-counter pest control options you can attempt to use yourself, there are many compelling reasons to opt for a professional exterminator instead:

  • We are well versed in all types of pests in Fairfield, CT and we can correctly identify which pests are wreaking havoc on your home, and in doing so, we will use the most effective products for that specific pest.
  • Not only will we treat the areas that are experiencing an infestation, we will track and treat the home base of the pests to ensure they cannot return.
  • We know what pesticides and pest control measures are safe for your family and your pets, and we will alert you of any waiting periods that are necessary to ensure everyone’s health.

Your Residential and Commercial Fairfield Exterminator

Whether you are looking to keep your home or business free from bed bugs, mice, or any other pests, we will provide you with the full-service pest control you are looking for in Fairfield, Connecticut. With 24-hour emergency service available and free estimates, you have nothing to lose—except the pests in your home. Contact us today to learn how we can make your home pest free.

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