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When it comes to pest and mouse control in Springfield, Massachusetts, nobody does it better than Richland Pest & Bee Control. Our exterminators are fully licensed and intensively trained in effective pest and mouse control and we will take the steps necessary to keep your home or your business safe from these potentially harmful creatures.

We have been providing reliable extermination services for over four decades, and we take the job very seriously. We also provide monthly maintenance plans to many municipal building and schools throughout CT, making sure that you and your family can be safe from mice and other pests no matter where you go.

Richland Pest & Bee services to get rid of problems with rats or mice

Rodent Control in Springfield, MA

Mice may seem like innocent creatures, but the truth is that they can cause major structural damage, while also harboring and spreading disease as they make their way through your home or business. And since mice tend to be awake in the evenings—and they have an extremely rapid reproductive cycle—an infestation can quickly escalate without you even realizing it.

Mice and rats can be an issue no matter what the weather is like outside, making their way into your cabinets or under your foundation, leaving droppings and destruction everywhere they go. However, when the weather in Springfield turns cold, mice can be especially rampant as they seek the warmth of your home or business to survive. With our rat and mouse control, we can eliminate any existing rodents while also taking the necessary precautions to ensure they never return.

Why Use a Professional Exterminator?

When you discover that mice are a problem, there is a good chance that the infestation is already massive. While it can be tempting to purchase mice traps at the hardware store and catch them yourselves, using a professional who is experienced in mouse control is imperative. For one, we are well versed in the complicated life cycle and living habits of mice, so we know exactly how to catch them swiftly and effectively. Additionally, we aren’t just treating the mice you can see: We can find all possible entry points for mice and block them off so the mice can never come back.

Residential and Commercial Mouse Control in Massachusetts

Whether you operate a city building or school, own a small business, or you simply want to keep your home pest free, Richland Pest & Bee control is committed to the health and safety of the people at your property. Not only are we extremely effective with our pest control methods, all of our services come with a guarantee. So don’t hesitate: Call us today and discover what it feels like to never worry about a pest infestation again.