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Protect Your Home with Help from the Best New Haven Pest Control Service

Pests are a serious threat to your home, your family, and in some cases, your health. Yet, many homeowners put a ton of time and money into protecting their home with home security systems and surveillance equipment, only to forget there are other threats creeping around. Whether you are dealing with a swarm of bees, biting bed bugs, destructive termites, or some other common pest, it is important that you find exterminators in New Haven, Connecticut who can protect your home from pest invasions, and that is us at Richland Pest & Bee Control.

Richland Pest & Bee Control is a family-operated New Haven pest control service that has been serving customers in the area with professional expertise for more than three decades. Trained technicians, superior attention to courteousness and customer satisfaction, and all the best modern pest control supplies and equipment are just a few of the good reasons why people trust us as their chosen exterminator in New Haven.

​You May Already Know Us As Exterminators in New Haven

It is always for the best if you find a New Haven pest control company you can trust because they’re familiar, so we are always open to media coverage, and have been covered numerous times by local television, radio, and newspapers for the work we do within the community. We’ve been lucky enough to be one of the exterminators in New Haven to treat several of the community establishments, such as parks, schools, and medical facilities. Plus, we even got the chance to prove our expertise when we were invited to appear on ͞Flip This House͟ on A&E.

​We Keep Our New Haven Pest Control Service Affordable

At Richland Pest & Bee Control in Connecticut, we keep our prices transparent and affordable because we know how valuable it is to have access to fair-priced exterminators in New Haven when you need help. We don’t jack up our prices or send you unexpected bills for services we had to include that you did not know would be included. To ensure you are happy with our services for your Connecticut home or business we offer:

  • Free estimates over the phone that cover every detail of what we plan to do
  • In-depth answers when you have a question about service pricing
  • Transparent pricing for specific types of pest eradication

​We Are an Exterminator in New Haven, Connecticut with Safety in Mind

There are good reasons why we’ve been a trusted exterminator in New Haven to treat schools, public buildings, businesses, and homes in residential neighborhoods for so long. Our customers know we care about their safety. Concerns about pets and small children that you have are also our concerns. We use the most updated procedures and techniques, and we are always cautious for your protection.

Allow an experienced and trusted exterminator in New Haven to keep your home pest free. If you need an experienced New Haven pest control service to help you get rid of unwanted critters in your home, contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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Please describe the size, height and location or any wasp or hornet nest. For any other services, please be as detailed as possible in your description of the issue for a more streamlined estimate process.