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Although they are one of the smallest pests out there, fleas can still cause a lot of problems for homeowners and business owners across Connecticut. The most common type of flea in CT is the cat and dog flea — as the name suggests, this flea is most often found living on a feline host. However, like all fleas, these pests can also be found in areas frequented by household pests, including furniture, carpets, pet beds and more.

Although fleas cannot live on humans, fleas will bite humans in order to get the blood they need to survive. Flea bites are not just painful and itchy — they can also become infected, and bites from some species of fleas carry diseases as well. If you are looking to protect your home or business against the hazards of fleas, call the flea control experts in Hartford and surrounding areas at Richland Pest & Bee Control today!

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Since 1977, Richland Pest & Bee Control has been committed to providing expert, customer service-focused pest control — including flea treatment — to homes, business, school systems, and municipalities in Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury, and beyond.

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