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Our approach to rodent control is based on a three-step plan, eliminating current populations, preventing future infestations, and continued maintenance to catch any issues before they become a bigger problem again. Once you have completed a rodent remediation package and sealed off potential entry points, we highly recommend keeping up with a rodent maintenance plan.

Because mice have such rapid reproduction rates, if they make it inside your home again, (even through so much as an open garage door!) the risk of a new infestation becomes more likely if it is not caught early. Over time new entry points may open up and available food sources such as bird seed or pet food left out make your home a very appealing source of food, warmth, and shelter, and may lure these undesired house guests back inside.

Keep rodent populations in check

Mice are territorial creatures, so if service is stopped once the existing population within your home is eliminated, than it is likely that another family of mice will eventually find their way in. With a three-tiered approach combining inspections, repellent, and baiting, our Annual Rodent Maintenance Plan is designed to keep populations in check. It was created as a preventative measure to reduce the potential for re-infestations after the completion of a rodent remediation package. 

Rodent Maintenance After Exclusion

Exclusion, when properly performed by an experienced professional, is highly effective at limiting the re-entry of mice. However, continual inspection and monitoring are needed to ensure that no new entry points are created and that filled entry points remain sealed over time. Our Annual Rodent Maintenance Plan is designed to be a preventative measure after the completion of your exclusion service. 

As an added bonus, the purchase of an Annual Rodent Maintenance Plan comes with extended warranty coverage for exclusion services performed by Richland. The 1-year exclusion warranty begins on the date service is performed, and covers the specific areas that we treated for exclusion services. Warranty coverage usually expires after one year, but can be renewed indefinitely as long as a rodent maintenance plan is in place. A maintenance plan allows us to perform annual inspections of the exclusion work that was done and make repairs as necessary, minimizing the opportunity for potential re-infestations.

What's Included in the Rodent Maintenance Plan?

The Rodent Maintenance Plan consists of a quarterly application of an all-natural rodent repellent spray on the exterior of the home. We also recommend indoor materials are checked during your service. Inspecting inside will allow us to timely curtail any re-infestations. Additional stops will be provided at no charge on an as-needed basis, with a maximum of ten stops per year included in the plan.


Our Recurring Annual Plans run for one year from the start of service and renew automatically for your convenience. We do not lock you into a contract and we have a zero-dollar cancellation fee. Many of our Annual plans can be combined into a single, cost-effective package. If you are experiencing multiple pests on your property, ask about adding our Bee Barrier stinging insect repellent or our Pest+ Prevention service for ants, beetles, spiders, and over two-dozen other crawling insects!