In need of rodent extermination services in CT? We take rat and mouse control very seriously as these pests can cause structural damage while also posing a health threat. At Richland Pest & Bee Control, our fully-licensed and trained CT rodent control professionals are committed to providing you with expert extermination services backed by more than 45 years of experience in the industry. Our knowledgeable rodent control professionals know that rats and mice can become a major burden as they may carry disease & can ultimately cause harm to your house or commercial space.

Because mice and rats are nocturnal, a rodent infestation could escalate in your home or business without your knowing. In addition, rodents have a very rapid reproductive cycle, which means by the time you detect a pest problem, it could already be out of hand.

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Getting rid of mice and rats the right way — and at the right time — is imperative. Not only are rodents destructive pests, chewing away at foundations, furniture and much more — they can also spread disease by getting into cabinets or pantries where food is stored, or by leaving droppings under and on kitchen counters where food is prepared and stored.

So, whether you’ve detected a mice or rat infestation, or just want to take preventative measures against one, you can count on our pest and rodent exterminators in Hartford, CT and all surrounding areas to effectively eliminate your rodent problem for the health and safety of you, your family, your employees and your customers.

Get Rid of Rodents in Connecticut With Help From Richland Pest & Bee Control

Common species of rodents found in Connecticut include the white-footed mouse, deer mouse, Allegheny woodrat, house mouse, Norway rat, meadow jumping mouse, and woodland jumping mouse.

If you need help identifying your mice or rat problem, don’t wait to contact Richland Pest & Bee Control! We will be more than happy to educate you on your potential rodent problem and, if needed, we will certainly provide professional rodent extermination services. Our team of CT rodent control experts has helped protect thousands of homes, businesses, school systems, and municipalities against the damage and health risks associated with rodents.

For a free estimate on rodent control in Hartford, Waterbury, New Haven, and all surrounding areas, give Richland Pest & Bee Control a call at 1-800-308-9126. Our lines are open 24/7 for emergency pest control service for any urgent pest issues you may be dealing with.

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